The Niceties
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Feb 14 Fri, 7:30 pm Feb 15 Sat, 8:00 pm Feb 16 Sun, 2:00 pm Feb 20 Thu, 7:30 pm Feb 21 Fri, 7:30 pm Feb 22 Sat, 8:00 pm Feb 23 Sun, 2:00 pm Feb 27 Thu, 7:30 pm Feb 28 Fri, 7:30 pm Mar 1 Sat, 8:00 pm Mar 2 Sun, 2:00 pm
The Niceties Second Generation Theatre

Feb 14-Mar 2, 2025

Shea's Smith

Feb 14-Mar 2, 2025

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Second Generation Theatre

Second Generation Theatre’s artistic aim is to encourage a new generation of theatregoers to become involved in the arts. Our mission is to create powerful theatrical experiences that speak to and unite a community of diverse backgrounds, and to continually cultivate appreciation and understanding in audiences of all generations through education and engagement.

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Know Before You Go

Welcome to Shea's Smith Theatre! Shea’s Smith Theatre, formerly Laube’s Old Spain Restaurant, established in the year 2000. It has transformed into a viable 200 seat black box theater, hosting Off-Broadway productions, comedians, and collaborative productions with local theatre companies.

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