Piano Men: Generations
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Apr 13 Sat, 8:00 pm
Piano Men: Generations

Apr 13, 2024

Shea's 710


Apr 13, 2024

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Prepare for an electrifying musical spectacle with “PIANO MEN: GENERATIONS.” This extraordinary event celebrates the iconic Billy Joel and Elton John, featuring the remarkable father-son duo, Terry and Nick Davies and their exceptional band. They will guide you through the timeless hits that have captured music lovers’ hearts for decades.

Beyond a mere concert, PIANO MEN: GENERATIONS showcases the enduring influence of music and the profound impact of these legendary entertainers. Terry and Nick Davies embody the spirit, passion, and talent of Billy Joel and Elton John, captivating audiences with their exceptional artistry and undeniable chemistry. Join this musical journey to witness the enchantment as two generations of piano men unite, creating an unforgettable experience that will resonate in your heart long after the final note.

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