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Nine centers around Guido Contini, a famous Italian film director and ladies man. We find Guido in crisis as his 40th birthday approaches. His last couple of movies have been panned by the critics, and Guido is under pressure to make a return to form with his latest film. However, there is one major problem: he hasn’t written a line of the script and has lost all inspiration. Guido’s professional and personal lives becomes intertwined as he attempts to save both his career and his marriage. His wife, Luisa, threatens to divorce Guido unless he can pay more attention to the marriage, but the director is constantly pulled in another direction by his saucy mistress, Carla, who shows up at the most inconvenient times.

In an attempt to find peace and inspiration, Guido plans a getaway to a spa in Venice – followed by his entire production team. As Guido struggles to find a story for his film, his mind becomes increasingly preoccupied, and fantasy and reality become inextricably intertwined.



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