Couples Therapy
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Feb 16 Fri, 7:30 pm Feb 17 Sat, 8:00 pm
Couples Therapy

Feb 16-17, 2024

Shea's 710


Feb 16-17, 2024

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True fact: We all start out female in the womb. Don’t believe us guys, just look at your chest – It’s the reason you have nipples. Has that sunk in? 22 of the 23 pairs of chromosomes between us are identical. In fact, there are only about 78 genes that separate us. In Couples Therapy we explore and exploit these differences in all their magnificent and hilarious glory.
Couples Therapy is a 90-minute theatrical show led by a pair of married, relationship experts who dynamically take on several characters and skits throughout the performance. From start to finish the performers interact with the audience both directly as well as through response surveys that are completed prior to the show. It is truly a unique and clever combination of theatre, stand-up comedy, and improv that is as funny as it is insightful.
Audiences go on a hilarious and interactive ride as the relationship experts attempt to help couples with their relationships, but as the show wears on we see that they have more problems than their patients!

And fear not guys, this is not one of those beat down sessions on men. Instead, we equally explore, appreciate, and laugh at the differences between men and women. Couples Therapy offers endless humor packed with practical relationship advice rooted in science and psychology (we really did our homework!) So strap in, as we don’t just break the fourth wall, we smash right through it!


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